Joining you on your journey into parenthood

  • Shawna was measured and reassuring, insightful and compassionate, patient and enthusiastic — in short, she was exactly what we needed in a doula.First time Dad, Evanston, IL
  • It was wonderful to have someone in the delivery room whose only job was to help ME, to make me feel as comfortable as possible and to address my concerns.M.C., Chicago, IL
  • I can see that the most important thing Shawna did was make me the best support I could be for my spouse.D.C., Chicago, IL

My passion for supporting new parents began with the births of my own children. I strongly believe that surrounding yourself with support during your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period can greatly ease the transition, and help you get off to a healthy and happy start.

As your doula, I am trained to provide informational support, encouraging you to ask questions and find your own path while you make decisions regarding your care. I can also provide physical support such as counter-pressure, massage, and suggestions for positional changes during labor and birth; as well as emotional support during this exciting but sometimes overwhelming time.

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